The other day I was listening to Travis Scotts' Goosebumps, and may I say I was pretty impressed. The beat was impressive as always and great concept. And the collaboration with Kendrick Lamar was excellent idea on his part, because Kendrick brought that trippy west coast mindset.  Of course the was a mass usage of auto-tune on it, but yet it wants T-Painish (newly made word) though. Travis Scotts' melody helps it flow naturally on it, just using a enough on it to make it flow. But i would rather hear Travis Scott aka La Flame natural voice on it...Maybe even rap more than singing.  Nevertheless the song did live up to its name "Goosebumps" , cause I had goosebumps as soon as the beat came on. On top of that K-Dot once again took a simple flow made it complex in its own right, in which most artists should be doing.  Both had good lyrical content that had something to do with the song or in a way mesh with the song.  All in all, I give the song 4 out of 5.  Though the song was beast, again I will state that Travis Scott needs to rap more. But hey that my opinion. Thanks for reading and more will come. Stay tuned!!!!

Kevin Alston aka NooNdAy