[1]Name *
[5]Start Date of Project *
[5]Start Date of Project
[6]Completion Date *
[6]Completion Date
[7]Cast *

*Fill out accordingly[1]


*Fill out accordingly[2]


*The Name you plan on giving your project. Do worry this name won't stick we just need a placement name.[3]

*Please give us the the location you were thinking of for most of your shots.[4]


*The Date you would like to begin production will it be recording or editing.[5]


*The date you would like to have the work completed so its ready to release to the world.[6]

*The Amount of people you think will be needed to pull off a certain shot[7]

*Fill out accordingly[8]

WArm                                                        Cool

WArm                                                        Cool

Cool  WArm



*Camera Shot List

Here I would like for you to describe your desired scenes for the project to us as much as possible.

Detail how you would like each scene to play out. Starting with

*Angle-Movement-Description scene it self*


(Wide Angle Shot- Zoom into my face after a while- While zoomed blink to black)